CPR Volume 3

There's some great playing on this album; as expected, emphasis lies in song-oriented structures imparting the all-important lyrical message. ... I can recommend this disc unreservedly to proggers of all persuasions. - Progression Magazine

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CPR Volume 3

Christian Progressive Rock artists, with featured guest Phil Keaggy, release third compilation!

Randy George and Gene Crout have once again joined forces with select Progressive Rock artists to produce and release the CPR 3 CD. The deluxe packaged set is now available! Quantities are limited, so order now before they're all gone!

CPR is an acronym for Christian Progressive Rock. This volume is the third in a series of Progressive Rock compilations that was conceived by a core group of the artists themselves. This release introduces the newest members of the CPR community including Unitopia, Apple Pie, Ted Leonard, Mike Florio, Pursuit, Mike Lockett, Ad Astra, Time Horizon, Greg Wollan and Everlasting Arms. One of the highlights in this volume is a song by veteran rocker Phil Keaggy. The Keaggy tune "Passport" originally appeared on his 1985 release entitled "Getting Closer". Produced by CPR's own Randy George and mixed by Gene Crout, the song also features Ajalon drummer Dan Lile. Together they have reworked this classic Phil Keaggy song which now graces the CPR 3 release in an extended form. "We are all excited to have Phil join us on this release", co-producer Randy George says. "He is one of the first artists that helped to expand and shape the musical horizons of the faithful. Since the late 1960's he has pushed musical boundaries, and remains one of the most prolific guitarists of our time. It was an honor to work with him on this song." Co-producer Gene Crout of Righteous Sinner Records carried the project to completion doing the final mastering and assembly. "These CPR compilations just keep getting better and better and I give praise and honor and glory to God not only for bringing it together, but for allowing me to be a part of it once again."

The purpose of the CPR series is two-fold: to expand knowledge of Progressive Rock into the Christian community and to increase Christian themes within the Prog Rock community. Many people who grew up in the mainstream of Progressive Rock music during the 70's still have a desire for music that reflects an age when musicians were about music and creativity was colorful and abundant. This unique collection is sure to bring enjoyment the listener on many levels. If you take pleasure in the music of a particular band or individual, we would encourage you to visit their website to learn more about them.

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Track List &
song clips

Lives Go Round

Ted Leonard
The Name of God

Phil Keaggy

Mike Florio
The Wise Man

Apple Pie

Greg Wollan
Deep Calls 2 Deep

Mike Lockett
The Dust


Ad Astra
Angle of Repose

Time Horizon
Life Fantastic

Everlasting Arms
The Mirror

Produced and Released by:

Threshing Floor Records
Righteous Sinner Records

Cover artwork by:
Jonathan Allen Cummings