CPR Volume 4 (2011)
CPR Volume 3 (2008)
CPR Volume 2 (2005)
CPR Volume 1 (2004)

CPR Compilation CDs

The CPR compilations are an historic entry in the world of music. Artists with ties to the Progressive Rock and Christian music genres join together to promote what they call CPR - Christian Progressive Rock. Music that fills the soul and lyrics that edify the spirit!

Produced by Randy George and Gene Crout, this collection has been very well-received by the Progressive Rock community and has encouraged positive and strong results for this genre of music. CPR has featured such artists as Kerry Livgren (Kansas, Proto-Kaw), Neal Morse, Rick Wakeman (Yes) with Ajalon, Iona, Glass Hammer, Salem Hill, Phil Keaggy and many more.

Read the complete story about how C-Prog got started over a decade ago, and join our growing list of supporters.

The CPR compliation CDs are available in limited quantities from the participating artists, so get your copy while you can! Visit the CPR 1, CPR 2, CPR 3 and CPR 4 pages for full details on these landmark releases. Having trouble locating a disc? Let us know and we'll try to find a copy for you.

If you are an artist interested in submitting in a song for consideration for the next compilation cd, please review the submission guidlines.

Finally, please take a look the list of recent releases. There's lots of excellent music to discover; being made by the artists listed on this site.

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America Gomorrah
Apple Pie
Atomic Opera
Dave Bainbridge
Dave Beegle
Doug Bowers
Gene Crout
Divine In Sight
Everlasting Arms
Mike Florio
Randy George
Glass Hammer
Ground Zero Project
Phil Keaggy
Kinetic Element
Ted Leonard
Kerry Livgren
Mike Lockett
Neal Morse
Eric Parker
Orphan Project
Parable 51
Revelation Project
Salem Hill
Simon Apple
Soulful Terrain
Supernal Endgame
Ten Point Ten
The Artist One
Theophonic Cloud
Time Horizon
Torman Maxt
Vertical Alignment
Visual Cliff
Voyager Project
David Wallimann
Greg Wollan
Young Earth

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